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Dear reader,

The global situation is currently characterized by fluctuations and volatility. Wars, inflation and the threat of recession are contributing to a challenging global situation.

After a good year in 2022, both our inventories and those of our customers are well stocked, which means that our customers are postponing existing orders into the future. In order to be prepared for possible further challenges, the use of bridging days, vacation days and time credits are the first helpful tools to bridge the period of lower demand.

Unfortunately, it is impossible to predict how long it will take for the markets to recover, but with your support, we will be able to overcome the challenges ahead.

In this issue of verbinder, we show you our new product, the PBC15, report on the international sales strategy, the focus of binder Austria and interesting developments from the Peakboard logistics sector.

Happy reading!
Kind regards,

Markus Binder
CEO of the binder Group

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