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Dear reader,

2022 was shaped by numerous challenges – the general economic crisis, coronavirus, the energy crisis, supply bottlenecks, a shortage of raw materials and the war in Ukraine. Overall, our company was able to counteract the short- and mid-term effects well.

I’m very happy that we were able to achieve high order and sales volumes again this year. This is a positive and important result, because energy and raw materials prices have increased sharply and will continue to do so. Growth is essential to being able to compensate for these rising costs.

I’m certain that in the coming year, we will face other unexpected challenges in addition to the ones already mentioned. However, I’m also sure that we have the necessary foundations to continue to be successful.

In this issue of verbinder, we present some wonderful images from our November trade fairs and exciting updates from our affiliated companies binder France, binder Netherlands and binder precision parts.

I wish you and your families a wonderful Christmas and a positive start to the new year.

Happy reading!
Kindest regards,

Markus Binder
General Manager of the binder group

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