Stamping technology

Our experience in the production of precision contacts provides the foundation for the high quality of our connector systems. We guarantee consistently stable processes through a seamless quality control process. Having a large number of automatic punching presses as well as stamping and bending machines allows us to produce in large volumes in the shortest time and highest quality possible.


A simple connection technology with no additional elements or heat! The clinching process produces an interlocking connection similar to a press stud between two to three layers of sheet metal in a cold forming process. This connection technology is highly reliable and shock resistant.

Rectangular folding

Power contacts with rectangular folding form a contact cage that keeps the spring force stable over the entire life cycle. The contact shaft also offers a high current-carrying capacity with relatively low insertion forces.

Stamped chamfer

A stamped chamfer provides the optimal plug connection without the edges and burrs that typically form at the junctions to the contact element. In industrial applications, it is the preferred solution for plug-in connections with a high contact risk.

Press-in technology

A simple connection technology with no heat or additional elements! Using our press-in technology, we join turned, thermally drawn and cold-pressed round contacts with punch grids or stamped contacts.

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