The continued expansion of standardized network structures in the smart factory environment requires a steady stream of new interfaces for sensors, actuators or interface applications. Modular solutions are ideal for this because they meet all current standards and can be individually programmed. As a result, solutions are becoming more and more complex and easier to customize and interconnect. Common standards include:


The primary goal is to quickly and easily connect components in the procedural landscape of logistics and production along the entire value added chain of a product, with permanent monitoring of all important parameters and an intelligent control loop of all elements used.

This goal can be achieved using modular standard interfaces that meet all these requirements quickly and easily. In addition, it is essential to ensure that any errors that may occur during the implementation process do not result in additional costs, damage or even accidents.

Areas of focus

The following points were especially important in supporting the customer in their modular landscape of individual components in this environment:

  • Easy installation
  • Intuitive configuration
  • Ease of use
  • No improper use by the customer
  • Straightforward maintenance
  • Protection against environmental conditions
  • Resistance to shock loads (up to 100 g)

The approach

In collaboration with the customer, we developed a modular product range that meets all requirements and can be expanded as needed. The system is compatible with all common standards and utilizes a “plug-and-play” connection for other existing components in the product world.

You provide the idea – we develop the best possible solution.

In the early phases of pre-development, binder solutions provides support for your project up until its completion. Our goal is to bring your product to market as quickly as possible. Thanks to our extensive value creation structure, we are able to utilise the wide-ranging competencies of the binder group and provide you with full-service support in every phase of the product development process. For optimal results, we use the latest methods and reliable manufacturing processes.

Our experts are able to develop appropriate laboratory tests up to and after series production, carry out component analyses and help you secure international approvals and release recommendations. Combined with our years of project management and design experience, we are able to respond iteratively to any changes as they come.

We look forward to the opportunity to demonstrate and win you over on the high quality and efficiency of our processes that are tailored to each customers’ needs.

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